Logging in to PixBooth2
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The first screen you will encounter when launching Pixbooth is the login screen.  From here, you can try a demo event or log in to your Curator account to access your custom events.

  • Upon first launching the app, you will receive two prompts requesting permission for PixBooth2 to use the device camera and access the photo library for saving pictures.  Tap “OK” for both of these.


  • To log in to your Curator account, tap the “Email” and “Password” fields to the right and enter the email address and password associated with your account, respectively.  When finished, tap the “LOGIN” button, and the app will attempt to log in with the credentials provided.

  • If your login credentials are incorrect, you will be returned to the login screen with the following message.  Check your email address and password and try again.

  • If the app fails to connect to Curator due to an Internet connection issue, one of two things  will happen: If an event has been saved to the device, the app will ask if you would like to load the last saved event’s settings and image assets. This is to accommodate venues with poor or no Internet access.  Pro Tip : Always load your event before you get to your venue in case there is no internet


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