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DSLR Hardware Setup Needs for Roaming Photography (Photography Mode)
DSLR Hardware Setup Needs for Roaming Photography (Photography Mode)
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We have tested several pieces of hardware for use with a roaming or studio style setup.

iPhone Mount for mounting an iPhone next to a Camera. This is the Joby GripTight Pro 2 Mount (Black/Charcoal) :

You can use this Dual Flash Bracket 8in/20.3cm Camera Mount Tripod Bracket to connect to the DSLR camera and to connect the iPhone using the Joby amount above. Here is a link to these

Here is another option for a mount. This one has more shoes for other connections and holds the iPhone on a slant which some people like. This one is called: ChromLives Camera L Bracket Mount Video Grip L-Bracket with Dual Flash Cold Shoe Mount and can be purchased here

Here are a few data cables that can also be used. Tether tool cables have been tested.

USB-a to USB-c connections

USB-c to USB-b

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