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Curator Wireless Print Server : MAC Troubleshooting 101
Curator Wireless Print Server : MAC Troubleshooting 101

Please complete the following steps to troubleshoot your Curator Wireless Print Server connection

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1) Fully close out Curator Print Server

2) Make sure you have installed your Printer's Drivers. If not installed, do that now.

3) Rename your MAC to an EASY name

Also, click on Edit and change the local host name to exactly the same name (leave off .local it applies automatically).

4) Restart Computer

5) Open Curator Wireless Print Server - Always allow any pop ups.

a) Make Sure the Printer is Selected

b) Remove any checks under Advance Printer Settings

c) Make Sure AutoPrint is checked

6) Connect Computer to Wifi

7) Connect Ipad to SAME Wifi

8) Re - Download the Event on Ipad and Tap Play

9) Open the iPads hidden menu (double tap in the top right corner)

10) Tap on Printers

11) Connect to Curator Wireless Print Server Name - CuratorPrintServer

12) Tap Enter Host Name -

a) Make sure this matches the computer name exactly (do not include .local)

b) Add a single β€œ.” on the end

c) Make sure 3000 is in the second field

13) Take a test photo to print

14) If this does not fix your issue, then please call us 1-800-708-0247

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