MobileMax - Connect and Control LEDs

Connect and control any MobileMax Led Unit.

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You can configure the colors and other options using the MobileMax Proprietary Photo Booth Lighting App. You can learn more here:

Once you configure the colors you want you can connect the CuratorLive app to the MobileMax device via Bluetooth. Follow the steps below.

Connecting to your MobileMax devices can be done using the CuratorLive App from the Bluetooth menu options. These options are found on the main menu once you log into the CuratorLive app.

*Your MobileMax device will need to be plugged in and powered on for the CuratorLive app to connect to it via Bluetooth.

1. Click on the bluetooth button

2 Click on MobileMax

3. Click on Scan and connect to your MobileMax unit. Then Select the value you want to use for each page in the CuratorLive app. Thats it!.

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