3rd Party Bluetooth Controllers (DIY)

Are you looking to create your own LED experience and would like to integrate with other over the counter controllers?

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We currently integrate with 3 over the counter controllers via the "Other A and Other B" options within the Bluetooth menu in the CuratorLive app.

Please reach out to us directly as ALL integrations are to be used at your own risk. Users should always consult the manufacture of their LED components before using any 3rd party integration. We will not be held liable if you overpower any of the LEDs in your setup.

The CuratorLive app can control up to 7 of the same bluetooth controllers at once. This is already built into the CuratorLive app.

If you have your own Bluetooth controller OR want us to integrate with a bluetooth controller we currently don't offer, please reach out to us over the phone and let us know..

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