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DSLR Connection Troubleshooting
DSLR Connection Troubleshooting
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These are a few reasons for a failed connection between the iPad and the DSLR camera.

  • Ensure that your Curator version is up to date (if unsure about the latest update, please inquire with the Support Team).

  • Ensure that your iOS version is at least 15.x.

  • Verify that the camera is powered on and receiving sufficient power.

  • Inspect the cables and adapters to ensure proper connections. If using a hub, attempt a direct connection without the hub

  • Attempt using a different cable/adapter.

  • Confirm that the app has the necessary permissions to access the camera. You can find this in the iOS Settings app by navigating to (Settings > Curator > Camera).

  • Check if the app has the necessary permissions to access image files on the camera's memory card. This can be adjusted in the iOS Settings app by going to (Settings > Privacy > Files and Folders > Curator).

  • Ensure that the SD card is properly inserted into the camera. The app will not be able to GET the photo if there is no memory card available. It is best to format the Memory card as well.

Flash fails to fire

  • Some Canon cameras may not fire the flash while the live preview is active. This primarily affects specific flash models. The built-in flash, Canon-branded flashes, and certain compatible 3rd party flashes should function correctly, while others may not.

  • To resolve this, disable the Silent Lv Shoot option on the camera if available. However, please note that not all cameras possess this option. The setting must be adjusted directly on the camera and cannot be modified through the app. Consult your camera manual to determine if this option exists and where to locate it.

  • The Silent Lv Shoot option is typically available on most mid to high-end Canon cameras. If your camera does not have this option, it is advisable to update the camera's firmware. If the problem persists, you might need to utilize a different flash or switch to a different camera.

The live or capture preview appears excessively dark

  • Several factors could contribute to this issue. Ensure that the camera lens does not have a lens cover and verify that the camera settings, such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, are not causing the dark preview. If the camera is set to Manual mode, switching to Auto mode might alleviate the problem.

  • If the preview remains too dark, but the captured image appears normal, the flash is likely the cause.

Note that certain cameras may not allow tethering while Wi-Fi is active. Disabling Wi-Fi on the camera might resolve this issue.

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