How to Update the ios on the ipad?
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If you’ve recently purchased a new iPad or haven’t updated your device in a while, you will need to check and see if iOS is up-to-date.  

  •  On the home screen, find the Settings app and tap to open it.  You may need to swipe left and right on the home screen if you have multiple pages of apps.


  •   After opening Settings, midway down the left side is a button labeled “General”.  Tap to open the general settings menu on the right side.


  •  Tap the second button from the top in the general settings menu labeled “Software Update”.


  •  The device will check for an update.  If one is available, the update and its details will be displayed on the right side.  Tap “Download and Install” and follow the prompts to begin the update process.  The screen will go black with the Apple logo and a progress bar will be displayed.  This may take several minutes.

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