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Customize the App Icon w/ your Branding
Customize the App Icon w/ your Branding

Easily White Label the App for your company (No Special Plan Required)

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Step 1.

Open the Shortcuts App on your Device.

Once you have opened the shortcuts app, click the + icon to create your first shortcut.

Step 2.

Choose "Open App" as the Action

Step 3.

Tap "App" ....

.... then select the "Curator Live" App.

Step 4.

A. Tap the Options Icon, and then

B. Tap "Add to Home Screen."

Step 5.

A. Edit the App name to "Your Business Name"

B. Tap the icon to Edit the image with your own Design

Step 6.
Once your own name and branding is applied, Tap "Add" ...

And THAT'S IT... It will then be added to your home screen!

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