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AI Sharing (Face Recognition)
AI Sharing (Face Recognition)

AI sharing and face recognition for all experiences. Easily find photos and video of guests based on their likeness.

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*Facial Recognition is only available on Enterprise and Venue accounts and is currently in BETA. This works in any mode including photography and 360. It will also work with AI experiences.

Table of Contents

Face Recognition is enabled on page 1 of the event form. Once enabled you can choose the sensitivity. This can be set between 1-3. We recommend you start with 1 as incrsing this can slow down recognition speed.

How to use Face Recognition on Microsites and Galleries

How to add a Face Recognition search button to your Gallery. Once added any guest that visits the event gallery can search for their photos and video by pressing the button. you can rename this button to anything you like. You can also enable this gallery to be a private gallery. This would allow your guest to search and see only th

Public gallery is turned on by default. Turing this off will not show anyone's photos but will allow someone to search for their own photos.

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