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Vanity URL Set Up Instructions
Vanity URL Set Up Instructions

Guide to setting up your custom URL

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You can purchase and use several URLs within your account. By default Curator will send all photos from the URL.

How to setup your new URL:

  1. Decide what you want to use as your URL sub-domain Ex.

  2. Login to Curator @

  3. Go to the Tools Page and click edit under URL

  4. Enter the sub-domain you chose in the first field of the form

  5. Login to your domain hosting company

  6. Locate & Manage your site's DNS

  7. Add an “CNAME” record for the URL you want to use and direct it to this site You will also need to add the URL name you chose under Name or Host.... this is handled by each company differently so we suggest you research or call your hosting company directly. 

Now you wait- It can take up to 48 hours but usually only takes a few minutes. Depends on the hosting company.

To check whether your domain is up and running enter your new domain in the address bar.  When you see the screen below then your setup was successful.

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