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How to setup and use AI Photo Experiences
How to setup and use AI Photo Experiences
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โ€‹AI Photo manipulation revolutionizes photo booth experiences by pushing the limits of creative imagination!

Envision transforming your guests into heroic superheroes, unique cartoons or any unique type of unique photo realization.

All through the magic of cutting-edge AI technology available at your command.

Table Of Contents:

How to setup an AI PhotoBooth Experience

AI can be added to one or more Photo Experiences. We made it as simple as adding a digital prop but in this case you are simply choosing one or multiple AI prompts for your guest to select from.

First- add a single photo to page 3.

AI can be added to Single Photo Experiences. Choose from your drop down on page 3 and select Single Photo.

Second- Choose AI prompts or Upload

At the bottom of the selectors area you will find your AI selections. You can choose to use our built in prompts or you can upload an image to use directly on the form. You can also add AI prompts from your assets section.

How to use AI Face Swap

You can choose to upload an image in AI to either page 4 or your assets page. This image will be used by our AI face swap technology to morph and swap the face of the individual onto the image you upload.

Upload your own images:

AI Experience in the Curator Live App

User can choose thier AI image at the bottom of the app. Once they select the image, the image will show full screen for 3 seconds at which point it will fade away. After the photo is taken the guest will need to enter in their SMS or Email to receive a AI version of their photo.

Limitations with AI and Faceswap

Currently AI Face Swap is limited to a single face. Also, an AI option needs to be selected for this process to work.

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