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Will my images still save with no Wifi connection?
Will my images still save with no Wifi connection?
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In the case where the Internet is slow or nonexistent at the venue or some other technical difficulty arises where an image can’t be sent to Curator for sharing, the photo requests and its metadata will be saved into a queue for future sharing.  If users aren’t receiving their photos, this is where the photos are until a connection can be made again.

  • Whenever a successful connection is made to Curator when sending a photo, the queued photos will also automatically be sent without any additional input.

  • The queue is saved to the device as well, so if there is no Internet at all at the venue, the queue can be sent at a later time when Internet is available.  Simply starting an event or sending a picture with an Internet connection will also send the queue.

  • When the queue of photos is being sent, DO NOT CLOSE THE APP!!! as the process needs to run in the foreground to ensure all photos are sent. Closing the app or switching events without sending photos from the queue will delete all photos sitting within the queue.

We recommend backing up your photos to the iPad or connect the event to DropBox.

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