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Event Storage and Deletion
Event Storage and Deletion
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Your Curator Live account grants you the ability to view, edit, or duplicate events for a period of one year(365 days) from the time the final photo/video is captured.

Events that remain inactive for one year will be automatically archived and relocated to the 'Archive' tab within your account. Please note that once an event is archived, it becomes inaccessible for further use. However, all the captured data, photos, and videos will be retained in a compressed file for a duration of one year from the date of archiving.

Archived events will be subject to automatic and permanent deletion one year after the archiving date unless you choose to manually delete them from your 'Archive' tab.

Please be aware that once the photos, videos, and data are deleted, they cannot be restored or recovered under any circumstances.

How do I manually archive and delete an event?

Select the Archive button for the event you want to Archive. See image for button location. Once the button is pressed it will take a few min for the vent to be moved to the Archive tab.

*Once an event is Archived all links that were sent out to guests will no longer work.

You can choose to download the data or the zipped images by clicking on the associate buttons. You can also permanently delete the photos and data by choosing the delete button.

This is the messaging that you will see if you choose to Archive an event early.

This is the messaging that you will see if you choose to delete the event early.

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